Wonderfully clear version of the twitter panto, pulled together on the fly by a wonderful person. Narrator […]
I've got a Sony eReader — and I've quickly eaten through the free "classics" that come with it […]
Religion,’ Marx wrote, ‘is indeed the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won […]
Rory rightly dismisses a press release that uses an ‘survey’ and twists the results so as to […]
It's worth reading what Momus has to say on most subjects, and this includes lots of PG […]
Stupidly long blog post about what I did when I went to Pisa last week. It's difficult […]
Free downloads of some of Mark’s TV lecture series. The man may only really do one joke […]
Propper Red Dwarf geekery. [link]
If you're gratefl for nothing else in this world, give thanks that the UK doesn't have the […]