I’ve recently worked on the social media coverage, on the day but also a few “wrap up” pieces, of the Hello Digital Festival in Birmingham. There were interesting talks, I found those outside my areas of expertise and interest (the Innovation in Gaming panel especially). Sion Simon’s address, which I didn’t have time to concentrate on live, but have just listened to again) mentioned that it was my “destiny” (using me as a name to represent talent in the local social media scene, I think) to have a statue much like the ‘carpet salesmen‘ (Brum’s industrial fathers) have in the city centre.

The Carpet Salesmen by M R Fletcher

The Carpet Salesmen by M R Fletcher

I’m not sure what it means, The Lunar Society is an oft used reference whenever it comes to thinking coming out of Birmingham — but those thinkers thought of science and industry and “made things”. I’m wondering if I need to “make things” too, or is “helping others make things” (a way to think about consultancy work) enough?

1030-sion-simon.mp3 – Sion Simon MP at Hello Digital

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