In this post on the Guardian technology blog – Ad blocking is theft, so block Firefox instead | Technology | Guardian Unlimited – the computer editor Jack Schofield not only admits to not having any corroboration for the story “it seems some site owners are retaliating by blocking Firefox. (I’ve not found one myself.)” and that he can’t be bothered to research something on the Guardian’s own website “we sell a Guardian Unlimited Ad-free version, but I don’t expect many people pay for it”. That said he’s happy to say that about the Ad-free version, biting the hand that feeds and all that. Freedom from two parts of journalism there I reckon.

And as an aside the “block firefox” people seem absolutle loons – a click on their main navigation links lead to a site that promotes the idea of “the man made climate change myth”.

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  1. The best part of this is any serious attempts to block Firefox will be countered by a plugin to disguise the fact that the browser is Firefox to those sites that want to block it.

    You’re right. Loons. But the loons are often in charge.

    In Scholfield’s defence (and I never thought I’d type that) he’s not reporting a story, just linking to a site on their blog. It’s not really a “story”, just something he’s thrown out in a few minutes while surfing. Which is a key difference between blogging and journalism I think!

  2. Yeah, you’re right – it’s quite well illustrated within the confines of one quick blog post. Blogs on newspaper sites particularly are used very much as ‘comment pieces’, no research necessary – then they wonder (or do they?) why most of the commenting is not well informed.

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