Temporary interactive for BBC Birmingham. The game allowed the public to ‘conduct’ an orchestra, by waving a baton at a video screen. The faster they ‘conducted’ the faster the orchestra would play – or if they ‘conducted’ too slowly the orchestra would grind to a halt. If they’re too out of time for too long the audience will boo them off – reach the end of the piece and they get a round of applause. Have a quick look in this video:

Proms Game from bounder on Vimeo

The kiosk featured an Apple Mac Mini and a JVC LCD TV, and the conductor’s baton was a modified Nintendo Wiimote. The connection between the program and the controller was achieved by use of Darwin Remote (an open source controller driver) – the wiimote used a hand-built LED array to ascertain its position and transmits to the Mac via Bluetooth. The interactive was built with Avid and Photoshop for content and Director 8.5 for scripting.

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