A permanent exhibit developed for BBC Birmingham’s Public Space.

Be On Radio 1

‘Be On Radio’ is a multi-screen touchscreen experience where users pick a radio station and programme (based upon those broadcasting from BBC Birmingham) and then have a minute to ‘broadcast’. The touchscreen acts as a radio desk – with faders and cueing buttons – while instructions from the producer appear in the wall mounted screen. The users also have a microphone, and the whole minute is played back afterwards as it would have sounded ‘on air’.

Be On Radio 2The kiosk is based on a high spec Windows XP PC, with a pre-amp for the microphone and an amplifier and speaker for playback. Echo cancellation is handled in software, as is recording. The installation was produced in Photoshop, Avid and Flash for content and is built on Director 8.5. The housing was produced in conjunction with a set-design firm, and is a bespoke piece to hold the touchscreen and microphone sourced for the application.

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