I’m on the panel for this debate on Wednesday, organised by Birmingham Future, with Ian Taylor, commercial director of Marketing Birmingham and David Clarke. I doubt there’ll but much internet talk, although PR really is very much about the social web these days.

Is Birmingham A Second City? The Big Brand Debate Wednesday 25 June 2008

“Birmingham was the original hotbed of entrepreneurialism, innovation and cutting-edge technology, our ‘City of 100 Trades’ was a proud forerunner in the Industrial Revolution. Since then, we have suffered an image crisis – maligned in the media and the butt of many jokes despite huge strides in improving the built environment, infrastructure, amenities and leisure offer for the city’s inhabitants and visitors.

So what can we, the next generation of city leaders, do to change these outdated perceptions of our city? Is the Second City banner, coveted by a number of other English cities, a positive or negative for Birmingham? If not the Second City, then what are we? The First City for Innovation? The Youthful City? Diverse City? International City?”

I’m not sure if there are places available, or if hearing me is worth £15 + VAT and the chance of missing the first bit of a Euro 2008 semi-final (although the other guys should be good), but you should be able to find out at the link above.

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