• 20:06 @dubber a "roll" surely? #
  • 08:31 twittervision.com/local/unitedkingdom is nice, twittervision.com/local/birmingham would be nicer (they’ve got london) #
  • 09:31 tech has taken over my brain, just saw an articile about cats at the vatican – read paypal instead of papal #
  • 12:22 Last Shadow Puppets album is a northern Scott Walker album – and as such fantastic #
  • 15:57 @podnosh friendfeed gets on mynerves because the number of people i need to know _everything_ about is quite small #
  • 16:18 Retweeting @podnosh: Brum bloggers meet 4: Tuesday 29th 6pm Rooty Frooty, Custard Factor. Idea from @catnip: meeting in a park. (in summer) #

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