• 20:43 @aeioux not sure with distance and resolution that it would be possible to read anything. cams round town reacting to movement? #
  • 22:04 #rotunda well of course it should have a big advert for coke. Or show the sky on the other side. Rendering it invisible. Or lolcats #
  • 22:23 #rotunda emotional wellbeing beacon. Worked out from brum tweens, blog tags, news stories, etc. Or lolcats. Display lolcats if we’re unhappy #
  • 22:33 @mawhin loldeiridre.tumblr.com may explain better. #
  • 22:37 @marcreeves or peter enkleman on constant loop… I really wish I didn’t know how to watch footy on chinese tv over the interweb. #
  • 09:17 @probablydrunk definately worth it, self-host rather than use wordpress.com (for flexibitiy and embeding flash), 1&1 are fairly painless #
  • 09:49 @ChrisUnitt couldn’t they find anyone who blogged or twittered? 😉 #
  • 10:00 @ChrisUnitt the RSS on the stirrer site? hasn’t ever worked to my knowledge. thestirrer came on twitter on Sat I think "Haven’t Updated yet" #
  • 12:27 Got to a meeting, can’t work out if i’ve got the wrong time, day or both (or niether). Will hang around for a bit… #
  • 14:28 @peteashton not sure "bastards" will help w’ the media… but not a bad call (although not sure they really want people who _know_ stuff) #
  • 14:38 @twm_driver for once i was right, guy i was meeting had a good excuse – nice relaxing hour or so off in the end #
  • 14:43 @peteashton i’ll say "bastards" if it helps 😉 #

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