We had burgers for tea last night. I had veggie, Jules has meat. I always get astounded by how little meat burgers are when cooked, so  I thought I’d record it:


Veggie not shrinking, of course. And just so you can see how much the meat ones do shrink:


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  1. Buy more expensive burgers 😉 The proper quarterpounders that come two to a box don't shrink that much because they're mostly meat (not water and gristle :P) and they taste gorgeous!

  2. Oh no, not another no-meater! 😉 (i completely missed your “i had veggie” at the start)… I had my first BBQ of the season last night and the Sainsbury's Taste The Difference stuff was absolutely delicious. Oh man, I might have to have another BBQ tonight to quench my thirst for meat products.

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