I spend a very interesting and informative night at the first Birmingham Bloggers meet-up. It was interesting as the people who turned up were connected only in that they wrote (or really liked) blogs and they lived near enough to Birmingham.

So blogs and Birmingham was the main conversation that seemed to emerge. Which kind of alienates those that blog, but not about Brum – of course not all bloggers blog directly about their lives or the place that they live, most have an angle or a subject.

Everyone seemed interested in somehow improving the visibility of Brum blogging tho – to wit Dave decided to build Brum Search (based on Google), and over at nunovo there’s much talk of Rivers of Brum. There was also much general consensus over the use of “birminghamUK” as a more general tag – so I’ve expanded the scope of upyerbrum to bring through anything tagged that onto its front page (although only items tagged “upyerbrum” get automatically added to the digg-style voting pages).

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