Our cats are quite particular about what they eat, they like Whiskas or Felix and only certain flavours, but I’m always on the look out for something to give them a bit of variety. Today in Somerfield I was casting my eyes down the cat food aisle and noticed something.

Normally cat food shows a picture of a happy energetic looking cat on the front (which is odd as there aren’t pictures of humans on the front of our food) something like this:

Go Cat

Go-Cat is quite an established brand, they’ve been using this boo-alike for some time – he looks springy, bright-eyed and desperate to eat those crunchy cereal things.

Contrast that with the cat on the supermarket own-brand food:

sad somerfield cat

Sad, longing and somehow not looking forward to the chunks or the gravy. Even the gourmet cat is affected by the black dog of depression. The ennui of the pedigree:

gourment sad

He’s also a little out of focus. It’s catching, this poor kitten cant even rouse the enthusiasm (despite New & Improved Recipes) to list his head towards the noms.

sad cat pink nose

It might be the case that cats getting no-frills food might not be quite as pleased when it’s mealtime, but you’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to get a snap of one that was getting salmon filets, grinning from ear to ear and purring like a well-tuned engine?

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  1. So glad you just sent me this link. As I've been trying to reduce our household bills recently, I thought the cats should join in too. Unfortunately, I must have spoilt them as kittens because they turn their nose up at anything that isn't Whiskas. They must drug that stuff with catnip or something.

  2. right cat food:

    Sophie is terrible. If Jamie Oliver gave a shit about cats he'd be around our gaff. She eats the cheapest crap she can get her hands on.

    Her nan (sorry I anthropmorphise the cat too much – her nan = Corrina's mum) bought her some fancy food (The Gourmet Pate mentioned above) and she sicked it up in disgust.

    Anything branded she's sniffy with, anything fancy and she's a bit off. But Tesco own brand is where it's at for her. And we get club card points too!

    But her finest moment was when she got into some discontinued M&S Cat Christmas Dinner double packs that were in the whoops corner. These things were a two course kitty christmas lunch of some sort of chicken thing in one foil tree, followed by “chocolate” flavoured meat mousse for pudding.

    She loved it.

    And in other news, we got her from a cat's home but she's clearly a breed cat. How's this for ennui of the pedigree:


  3. Brilliant survey  I think I ether buy sad face cat noms because I feel sorry for the cats and buying the food I can naturally make the fictional cat happier* Although the images are quite melancholy it’s always quite cute when our furry friends look like their experiencing a human emotion.

    *I’m a sucker for emoting over objects I feel bad if the tooth brushes don’t face each other in the pot coz obviously they have fallen out and arn’t chatting.

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