I’ve just come back from a few days in Tuscany, we stayed in Pisa where there isn’t a whole lot going on (nice — we went to not do much) apart from visiting the leaning tower. Once you’re there, it’s obligatory to pose as if you’re interacting with the round leany thing.

The odd person pretends to hold it in their hand, some hug, but most either hold it up or push it over (an interesting psychological distinction, anyone want to fund a long research paper into it? Last two weeks in July?), much like Jules is doing here:

Jules holding up the leaning tower

Of course, they’re only trying to look as if they’re doing it from the angle of their mate taking the photo. Which means the Duomo area is filled with people doing crap tai-chi. It looks like the biggest mine convention in Italy. It looks brilliant. I spent a good couple of hours taking pictures of them from the ‘wrong’ angle, and chuckling manically to myself.

I like it most when they really act like they’re straining:
Pisa Tower Interactions

I also like it when you can catch more one posing in a single snap:
Pisa Tower Interactions

I got back, cropped and uploaded and was about to start a Flickr group; but what do you know? There’s already one. It’s one of those things that gets funnier with repetition, try the slideshow.