• 21:13 Birmingham Future ‘debate’ was odd, I’m still definately "outside the tent", no-one laughed at my penguin joke #
  • 21:30 Gobble gobble #
  • 22:26 LOL magnets make you glad you bought a steel coffee table. Magntes ftw!!1!1 #
  • 23:02 oh and Socrates. He’s got a medical degree. And Camus, and Neils Bhor. #
  • 23:08 although I’ll admit that nine if those ate currently bothering premiership referees. #
  • 10:11 Shakey is on at Glasto? #
  • 14:49 #wordcampuk tickets now available wordcampuk2008.eventbrite.com 19th/20th July. #
  • 17:15 Brum venue suggestions please, #wordcamp party 19th July (approx 100-120 people). admit to be stuggling to think where (that would be free) #

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