A few posts ago I postulated that for most people, for most types of ‘news’ algorithms based […]
As I said, I don’t see QR codes ever being widely accepted in the UK, easier and […]
Here’s a pipe I’ve created that attempts to marshal the content from hyperlocal blogging in Birmingham and […]
If you’re doing any sort of professional work on Twitter then the main part of what you […]
Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought reports that the US Government's new Stimulus bill requires that each government agency […]
The Birmingham Post recently published a ‘list of shame’ of local bodies that don’t make their information […]
Skitch.com > bounder > Google Reader (1000+)
I’ve been thinking some more about the whole, information overload, autogenerated echo, crossposting thing. I’ve come to […]
FriendFeed – Not sure if this is interesting – it's a very light social network build on […]