I’ve just set the new site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust live. I’ve advised on how it […]
I was pleased to be asked, and am now one of the Birmingham Post‘s bloggers on its […]
Since I’ve had my iPhone I’ve become interested in the names people give their wifi networks, the […]
I’ve been doing slightly more writing for paper publications than would normally be the case over the […]
I’ve just spent an hour or two (Saturday morning would be the quietest time for traffic to […]
I’ve just let other people see my new project up your end, (amazing what popping a url […]
I’ve just finished altering the front page of our kitten blog site, The Kitten Channel. It’s always […]
As I mentioned previously, I have been thinking of how to reduce the split between the main […]
I signed up with a trial of  Crazy Egg (which does ‘heatmaps’ of your webpages to see […]
it’s just taken me a few hours to write a ‘review of 2006’ for Birmingham: It’s Not […]