New site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust

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I’ve just set the new site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust live. I’ve advised on how it could work, and done the final coding and design.

The Trust is a charity that tasks itself “‘to preserve and enhance Birmingham’s threatened architectural heritage. … to promote an enjoyment and understanding of the city’s historic buildings’”. Most famously they restored Birmingham’s Back to Backs (now a National Trust attraction).

The site itself has been in the planning for a long time, but was held up when the Trust decided to go through a change of image. I’m pleased that the new look works much better on the web than the previous style.

The move to a WordPress based CMS and blog should help with keeping the content fresh — often a problem for charity sites (where everyone always had many calls on their time). That should in turn help the engagement of users with the site, and hopefully contribute to the efforts (physical and fund-raising) of the Trust.

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toaster ‘prints’ on bread

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Electrolux Design Lab08 Scan toaster Originally uploaded by electrolux_social

Only a concept at this stage, but what a concept!

Britain’s logo

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Is this really Britain’s logo? Must only be used abroad, as I’ve never seen it. Found along with loads of other international ones (some of which I have seen) at: Cidade dos Logos .


dog hair day

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Spotted on Neatorama, these ‘hair hats‘.

tetris mirror

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de do do do de do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do. That’s us doing the Gameboy tetris music btw.

Via Retro To Go

cup of tea and a sit down

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A seat, or a bucket…?(via)

Links for 28th February

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  • Online Shops for Niche Products / ShopWindoz – Etsy for europe? One stop shop for leather leiderhosen min-dresses and amigarumia at the mo'
  • South By South West Midlands – A group from the West Midlands go to South By South West Interactive. Lucky, lucky, sods, we're not jealous or anything… ;) But seriously, they're offering to spread the weird by letting youse lot tell them what to go and see (within reason I guess).