On Friday, as part of Flatpack Festival, there’ll be a screening of Lawrence of Belgravia: the documentary […]
The Internet has disrupted the musician’s lot as much as that or any artist, perhaps more so. […]
My submission to the Beermat Show. Thanks to EAP and those that told me their favourite drunk […]
I really can’t put my finger on where I first came across Frank Sidebottom, logic would dictate […]
fuckyeahobscuretunes where I’m going to try to post an obscure tune a day.
“Wire were always at odds with the rest of the late 70s punks. In today’s extract from […]
I’ve just had a email inviting me to be in The17 for a “performance” in April (St […]
I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a […]
A map of everywhere mentioned in a Half Man Half Biscuit song. Genuis psychogeography.
Have the look of the band of 2009 – as imagined in a British film from the […]