I was asked to ‘create’ a Twitterstorm as part of an art project, and I sort of […]
Content, interaction, community—that’s what your social media profile is all about. It’s a message that seems to […]
I’m very interested in the motivation behind uses of hashtags on Twitter — I have a feeling […]
Apparently the Olympics suffer from ‘Ambush Marketing’, meaning that if they don’t stop other people doing adverts […]
I always think that you can explain almost anything in terms of football or cats, and those […]
After proving that online pantomime could work last year, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to repeat […]
First written May ’09, updated (slightly) April ’11. Although listening is the most important way of using […]
If you’re doing any sort of professional work on Twitter then the main part of what you […]
Pantomimes have taken a good couple of hundred years to evolve from ballet and variety acts, they’ve […]
Further proof, if proof be needed, that pushing blog posts to twitter (and vice versa) creates nothing […]