Nice bit of mythbusting — most of which apply to all sorts of situations: [link]
Corinne at Simply Understand has been voluntarily translating consultations into understandable English for about a year — even […]
"It is estimated as much as 80% of data contains geo-referenced information. So, a lot of information […]
I'm speaking a the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham, three times (which came as a shock). I've not […]
The BBC World Service is creating an audio map of the World, with user submitted sounds. No […]
Big City Talk is up for the Midlands Media Awards People’s Choice Award. The awards are to […]
Although his political blog is often a place for sniping and argumentative comments (following perhaps in the […]
It seems a long time since I interviewed one of my favourite artists, but it's out now […]
"Retweeting (that is, repeating someone else’s tweet, with attribution) has emerged from daily twittering habits and has […]
I'm doing a little bit of blogging on this site, with Nick Booth, kicked off by a […]