I was interviewed some time ago over email by Paul Bradshaw for a series on people who […]
A lovely post about the nonsense that is perpetuated about Twitter accounts being "hacked" when it's either […]
A great examination of what I referred to as the public/private problem. Well worth a read. [link]
There are blog posts pulling apart the new Your Freedom website, but this is mine. [link]
At the Personal Democracy forum in New York I was very impressed with how Mayor of Newark […]
Good post from Si Whitehouse on some issues of public data release: "What will we do if […]
A good (and quick) explanatory video about the online mentoring system we (We Share Stuff) are developing. […]
"it was never going to be a simple case of joining one Facebook Group over another. The […]
Tim O'Reilly on the web as a platform, moves toward "the cloud" aren't the half of the […]
When people talk "mash-ups" they often really mean interesting ways of viewing data. This is a huge […]