Can’t help thinking that the interweb has got it a bit wrong on google gears (the offline/online […]
Pork Pie In A Bow Tie : originally uploaded by bounder. today is Pie Day.
up yer Brum is my latest project, the idea originally was simply a sort of ‘Brum Blogs’ […]
I don’t seem to be able to stop blogging. Not much here, I grant, but there’s the […]
JB Birmingham Street Atlas : Originally uploaded by bounder. See it in all it’s glory here I’ve […]
including us – we were up early to video our cats first experience of the white stuff:
quick two-word reviews: Mumm-Ra: Thunder cats *** The Horrors: Crap Dammed * The View: Short Cast ** […]
my other half’s new blog: SWILL. We’ll see how long it lasts 😉
gowwwan! BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Ninja kitten band win Coke battle