At least two people I’ve spoken to – and a few others I’ve heard from – say that their facebook profiles have disappeared. They are unable to log in and their friends tell them that they’ve disappeared from contact lists and group memberships.

The problem with facebook being a data black hole (data goes in, it doesn’t come out) is that there’s no way to back-up any of the content that you’ve put in there.

FB carefully now.

UPDATE: Some of the original profiles are back, but people can’t login. This suggests a database failure and restore from back-up. I’ve not heard any communication ffrom FB on this.

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  1. This has just happened to me today, I have totally disappeared!!! Cant log in, no longer on their database, I have sent 2 emails but alas I dont think this problem will be resolved, I think it’s all been lost! Boo Hoo!!!

  2. As I thought, the Facebook account was lost forever, thank God for my true frineds, within 24 hours I had rebuilt my account with all my friends back, just ashame I lost all my photos!

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