I did something quite strange and possibly annoying for anyone who follows me on twitter today. I tweeted a very-piecemeal book “review” of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. It wasn’t my idea – it was Paul Bradshaw‘s and I’d be surprised if he didn’t do a much better and more interesting job (I fact I know he did because I was following his tweets).

I did it mainly as an experiment, and also because from the bit I’d already read (and interviews with Clay) I knew that there were a lot of thoughts to share in there.

I learned, I think:

  • That I can’t type consistently one-handed (put down the book when you’re trying to communicate, man).
  • Communicating ideas as you have them not only forces you to to think concisely (as twitter’s 140 char limit does too), but helps separate points out.
  • That I’m knackered, I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again – more from the force of thought than anything else (I could tweet something that long with less concepts and mental power need, but not a book like that again).

Sorry to anyone I annoyed, back to more normal tweet levels from now on.

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  1. […] I’d read the book just after the hardback edition came out, which not only meant that I’d missed the Epilogue (where Shirky finally mentions Twitter) but that I’d had to quickly re-read it when Jon Hickman invited me to the club. In fact I’d really whipped through it as I live tweeted a review. […]

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