• 19:59 @denitu the verb is to tweet apparently #
  • 21:37 Hoping @peteashton will do his football comentary narrowcasts #
  • 22:58 watching the rerun of the Chelsea game. Can’t turn computer on , or I’ll see the result. #
  • 09:22 @petelewis i’m not sure flickr is about ‘art’ as such (it’s about 5% cats), but video does worry me as to how it will effect the community #
  • 12:01 off to walk a dog, not mine #
  • 15:15 @bluemilkshake @ChrisUnitt not been to Selly Oak for ages, sounds like a fair plan #
  • 16:13 @peteashton ooh it’s a tumblr very nice – have you grabbed the url? #

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