• 09:50 lovely flash twitter contact maper tinyurl.com/3yzwhg #
  • 10:30 @BhamPostJoanna What’s the geographical spread of visitors? I’m guessing that "exiles" want this in-depth local footy news? not so hyprlcl? #
  • 10:41 @TomScotney @BhamPostJoanna Not so sure the beeb will last too much longer #
  • 10:49 @TomScotney @BhamPostJoanna @peteahston some enterprising sales-soul needs to set up a hyperlocal advertising network, let the writers write #
  • 10:59 @BhamPostJoanna blimey, surprising. taq #
  • 12:06 @davebriggs it does, if it could learn a bit semantically about the context of the site too that would improve it greatly #
  • 14:19 @ChrisUnitt Nice. Does that mean the festival is having more than one blog? #
  • 14:34 #JEECamp #Yoosk Shouldn’t journalists pick the questions? Or it just becomes like the phone ins on kids TV #
  • 14:42 @ChrisUnitt Looks nice – a more obvious category menu (plus maybe separate feeds too) may give the best of both worlds (group and singular) #
  • 15:35 @ChrisUnitt Right column? It’s below the text for me FF on Mac #
  • 16:28 radio 5 are playing the FIERCE piano in Erdington #

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