“It’s a great chance for your brand” said David Gold, Chairman of Birmingham City, about the plan to destroy the concept of league football and play one Premier League game abroad per team, per season.

“The Premier League, which is the greatest league the world has ever known, is being adventurous, looking forward, looking to take a brand – which is an English brand – and looking to take it global.”

Forget the odious talk of brands, and the fact that for once there isn’t even the pretence of this being anything other than a money making scheme, this move would destroy the basic concept of league football – one that seems to have worked well for 119 years (120 this March).

The concept of a league is that it’s equal – each team plays every other one. Usually twice, once at home and once away to compensate for the perceived “home” advantage, but any number of times is fair. Not in this system, oh no.

In order to make money, another “random” but seeded match would be added – meaning that each team would play 18 teams twice, and one three times.

“What effect could that have on promotion and relegation issues? Are we going to see local derbies played in a foreign country thousands of miles away? Are supporters supposed to accept missing on the biggest games of their season because it’s being played on the other side of the planet?” Football Supporters’ Federation Chairman Malcolm Clarke (quote found on Pitch Invasion)

David Gold – if the Blues are in the Premier League when this is implemented that’s the day that thousands of the fan will finally give up on a competition that we not only have hardly a hope of winning but that isn’t fair any more.

I think you’ll find that that will be less money overall you grasping bastards.

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