bounder’s soup. seems to be tumblr with more friend aggregation facilities. All well and good – the bonus feature for those of us that have very many blogs is that you can of course be logged into your tumblr account and your soup account at the same time – leaving two quick bookmark-based microblogging platforms available.

There have been a number of times since I started my tumblr account that I wanted another for a specific purpose, now if I can only remember what they were…

Sign up, but please don’t just use it to push your blog feed, flickr pics etc through automatically.


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  1. […] Soup. Tumblr missed a trick when they didn’t implement the ability to have multiple blogs on their system, something I’ve been wanting for ages. Microblogging platforms should be as disposable as the content they encourage I reckon. So the market for Tumblr clones is a sure winner. Not sure what I’ll using mine for yet. Possibly a gig flyer stream. via Bounder […]

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