I’ll write up the xHumed talk asap, Joseph Priestley sending this Tweet: It is my conclusion […]
For a thing, I’ve been investigating some Twitter communities I wouldn’t usually go anywhere near. Most due […]
Is how my brain processes xHumed, at which I’m appearing on Nov 5th in Brum. Tickets available […]
The best jokes never make it past the subs, but here's a thing I wrote for the […]
There was a piece featuring me and the sale of BiNS on the BBC News site last […]
At some point over the weekend, I decided to out the low level moving on campaign and […]
I was on Danny Baker’s Radio Five show earlier, which was great. I’ve always been a big […]
I really like the Photosynth iPhone app for creating panoramas, it’s a painless process and can be […]
After my talk at Oxford Geek Night I was happy to have a couple of suggestions to […]
While working on Siôn Simon’s push for there to be a directly elected Mayor for Birmingham I […]