Eamonn Walker – from sickness to ER

Eamonn Walker

bit bizarre this, i don’t normally watch ER – in fact i’ve only ever watched the very early on with a guest appearance by Ewan McGreggor – i left the telly on Channel 4 after Big Brother tonight to be greeted by a face i thought I new.

and damn right if african doctor dude Stephen Dakarai doesn’t turn out to be the guy who played Winston – Alf Garnet’s lodger in ‘in sickness and in health’. now that’s a wee bit of a career jump. bwanah.


Indoor Kite Flying

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Indoor Kite Flying
Indoor Kite Flying,
originally uploaded by catnipmusic.

After some three or four different attempts – modeling ballons are too heavy and the rude shapped ones don’t have enough pull for tissue paper(!) – we finally got our indoor kites to work.



Rules of Slam

Equipment: Football. can be anything from a 10p rubber ball to a proper caser – which will get knackered – best is a fly-away plastic ball, red is best. Wall.

Game: Take turns to kick the ball against the wall – if you miss, you’ve lost.

Think there’s a supremely addictive computer game in this.


BiNS — where too much of my time goes

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