I spent an enjoyable hour with Kate Foley late last week, Kate is Neighbourhood Manager in Lozells Birmingham and runs the Life in Lozells blog. The site has been running since March 2007, and is an invaluable resource for local info — but Kate is interested in building more of a community around it, generating and hosting conversation as well as collecting information.

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I suggested that an injection of opinion in to the blog might help that, which is something that it’s difficult for Kate to do in her official capacity — two possible solutions came to mind:

  • invite some other people to contribute, either on subjects that they are “expert” on (they may only be tangentially related to the area), or
  • make use of links, so that Kate is flagging up and pointing to opinion rather than directly offering it herself.

The first relies on use of Kate’s real-world network, pulling voices in to contribute, the second can be done in a more online way but will rely on Kate becoming confident in using search and RSS and building her online connectivity.

Those of you with local blogs, how do you work to build up the conversation?

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  1. Hmmm….good question!!
    I’d say exactly what you’ve said really – do the two options need to be either/or? Surely she could do both? But like you say link to related opinions/posts online, people will follow whatever links to them back and join in a conversation that way, bring offline voices online if you meet someone up for it – they can give a human voice to it and kick of debates with a few opinions, try to bring what’s going on offline online. The other great thing for me has been Twitter – that’s been no end of help with DiG!
    Cheers, NIcky.

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