Does anyone want to help make a quick website that could answer this eternal question, and perhaps spread a bit of environmental advice as it goes?

Along the lines of isitChristmas, but obviously localised by Post Code, the site would offer RSS and iCal feeds of whether it’s bin day for you — with reminders the day before, and telling you what week it is for recycling purposes (green or paper/plastic) for those that have differences. Along with this simple, but useful service it could impart environmental advice and info slipped into the RSS as well as somewhere on the site. It could even do calculations of stuff like “my council doesn’t collect X, is it better to just bin or drive it to the recycling centre?”.

It could get a few ads from electricity suppliers etc to pay its way perhaps.

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  1. For Birmingham it is, somewhere buried on their website. Other councils perhaps too — if not a few FOI requests would do the trick I reckon.

  2. E-mailed reminders would also be good for the less techie majority.

    I’ve bugged the council by e-mail for garden waste collection so I can see it only reducing their work. They should be glad to toss us a timetable!

    I’ll chip in. There’s always time for another handy little website…

  3. Sounds like a cracking idea!

    We are just beginning to plan our mini application for our new waste and recycling service which begins in August here at Stratford on Avon District Council.

    If you have any thoughts on how you’d like information provided in an RSS feed, let us know by emailing us on

    We’re really keen on using the latest technologies, so feel free to pass any ideas/thoughts to us!


    Simon (Web Developer, Stratford on Avon District Council)

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