The End of the Line

When I organised the 11-11-11 eleven hours on the eleven bus day I didn’t make it too clear to people that it was art — it tends to put people off. But I’ve had a slightly different version of the idea, one that’s simultaneously easier to get involved with and has a wider remit.
The End of the Line
Get on the bus by your house and go the opposite way to the way you usually go (out of town for most people), stay on to the terminus. Record your experiences.

That’s it.

It takes time to organise though, so I thought I’d attempt to get a bit of funding behind it — to give myself some time to do it properly, to pay myself the going rate for what I wanted to do. This seemed like a good place to start, so I cobbled together a funding proposal and sent it off on Sunday (for Monday’s deadline). Just (Tuesday night) got a rejection — to tell you the truth I’m not so bothered about being rejected (it doesn’t stop anything happening), but the speed of rejection makes me worry it’s been rejected without any consideration [EDIT: I’m sure that isn’t true, but that’s what goes through your head] — if that’s true then I’d like to know so I don’t waste any more of my time with arts types and just get on and do stuff.

Bid thing after the jump in case you want to send me the dosh 😉

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