Wordle is worth a thousand pictures

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Wordle will take a bunch of text, or a feed and create word pictures like this:

Wordle - bins
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Not only can you chose fonts, colours, layout styles and number of words, it animates in a really nice way as the pictures build. Loveley

That’s me being furious, that is

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Fury at matches abroad – Birmingham Mail – thank god that the awful picture of me didn’t make the online version.

Go on then, you can have it…

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Naboo and Bollo decide that INSIDE the couch is funOriginally uploaded by bounder
My mate just asked if I had any pictures of the cats with ‘green eye’ (like red-eye, but for cats) for a book on photoshop he’s writing (not these, but one like them he does loads) and I sent him a couple. Of course you wouldn’t charge a mate, but quite a few of my pics from flickr have been purloined (with permission) for magazines (and no doubt a fair few I don’t know about) and I haven’t asked for more than a credit there either.

Then I think of all the free writing I do as well, snippets for The Birmingham Post and some charity magazine this month alone.

So I suppose the question is, do you have to start charging or do you have to say no?

Pie Day

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Pork Pie In A Bow Tie
Pork Pie In A Bow Tie : originally uploaded by bounder.

today is Pie Day.