People in difficult situations have always relied on dark humour to get them through, police, doctors, solders […]
Ben Goldacre has had a nastygram from LBC 97.3 and “Global Radio” over posting audio of what he describes as "Jeni Barnett’s MMR scaremongering". If you're in a position to help, it would be appreciated. - Bad Science needs help, or at least link love.
These are my links for 26th February through 28th February: GeoPic II geotags your Nikon shots, saves […]
Ned Sherrin and Ronnie Hazelhurst in a day, bad time for eighties nostalgists. The Guardian reported that […]
Oh dear. The meerkat photograph hoax review – which UK newspapers admitted online to being duped? – […]
If you’ve read my rantings on ‘survey culture’ on the BiNS blog, or heard me go on […]