Fused – Special edition

Fused magazine, which (as well as sister publication Area) I’ve done stuff for in the past, has just released a very special edition. It’s thick, beautiful and perfect bound and it’s the first volume of what they’re calling the second volume of the mag. It’s got some fantastic photography and illustrations and rather wonderfully for me three of the best interviews I’ve ever done. Read what happened when I talked to bass-god Peter Hook, Barney out of noisecore legends Napalm Death and David Shrigley who’s one of may favourite artists.


Buy it for a fiver, here.

You can read it online too, here.

Hyperlocal voices: Jon Bounds of Birmingham: It’s Not Shit

I was interviewed some time ago over email by Paul Bradshaw for a series on people who had started or were running (hyper-) local blogs. It's up now on Online Journalism Blog, and is the nearest I think I've got to the reason why I (at least) persist in this area — the other pieces give most of the other reasons by other peoples. [link]

Paul Bradshaw gets Twitter to help do a radio interview

About Twitter of course. What's interesting is not so much how people are very easily able to guess what "the media" with ask about Twitter — but how the responses to the questions varied so widely. Ask people whey they use LinkedIn or Facebook and it's all about "friends" or "business contacts", Twitter is just another method of communication with no "use" built in. That's what makes it so powerful. [link]