Google’s magic anus

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Created by the way Google has stitched two of its Street View panoramas in Smethwick, take the advert for a filum and a moving bus and, oops:

St Alban's Rd, Smethwick, Sandwell B67, UK - Google Maps

We were on the radio

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Jules doing 'the big paws' hand gesture. on TwitPic

And it was loads of fun, I’m sure we made loads of balls ups but I’m too scared to listen again to it. You can tho’ (if you like):

Listen to The Big Paws on Rhubarb Radio

Radio Free Horse Shit For The Garden

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Young @probablydrunk on teh  @rhubarbradio on TwitPic

If you like the Two Ronnies your first thought when using the word Rhubarb is probably “manure”, but no more. At least until they run out of themes and end up doing a gardening-with-poo based show, Danny Smith et al’s Rhubarb Radio show puts all effluent fertilizer thoughts out of my head. It replaced them this week with robot sex, but that’ll change as long as I keep tuning in at 7pm on Saturdays.

If you spent your evening less productively this week you can still listen again:

Listen to Technical Difficulties on Rhubarb Radio

iPhoto sees people everywhere

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I’ve been playing with the new iPhoto ’09, it’s major selling point is face recognition — it attempts to spot faces in your photos and keep a record of who’s where. It makes some brave attempts, but doesn’t always make it:

First it spotted a face in Bearwood High St.

iPhoto - Bearwood High St Has a Face
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Then it saw faces, lots of them, but didn’t connect them together.
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cup of tea and a sit down

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A seat, or a bucket…?(via)

Twitter Cartoon Day

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Normally my twitter followers are a, fairly, sane bunch of humans – but today I’ve been watching then all turn to toons. Today has been declared ‘Twitter Cartoon Day’ -

“Brighten up the lives of your fellow Twitterers today by changing your avatar (picture) to a cartoon character.”

mithr, twitter for your mum

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mithr - twitter for your mum
Does your mum witter on about nothing? Get her on mithr, microblogging for your mum.

Not a virus, maybe not real yet, but very smart

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Bookmarks for 26th February through 28th February

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These are my links for 26th February through 28th February:

Sometimes you need a little help making decisions

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Flickr Fight

So that’s where Flickr Fight comes in. It’s a little toy I made to bring the power of Flickr into everyday decision-making – just type in two words and see which one wins. Here’s a few of my favourite so far:

Daddy Vs Chips

Cats Vs Dogs

Rock Vs Disco