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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I almost burst in the hurry to make this one.

hampstr lnk

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Stuff your cheeks with:

Hot Manatee on Glass Action

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Been laughing at this manatee for some time, but felt it needed a touch of synth-pop.

Select the kittens

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Microsoft have released a proper cat captcha programme (catcha?).

Thanks to the now back, oh how you’ve been missed, D’log.

A fucking big duck

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An f’in big duck

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One of my favourite showbiz anecdotes refers to the wondrous Vic and Bob becoming personas-non-grata on the charity fundrasing circuit after a routine about “a fucking big duck” at a Stephen Fry organised AIDS do.

It wasn’t the routine, in which they made continued references to an offstage “fucking big duck” so much, as that Bob decided to shout “and a fucking big duck” during the endispiece where Stephen was listing those to whom the night was dedicated.

So when I saw this bloody large fowl today, I just stood there laughing. (Sorry about the Delilah quote there.)

Random cat in Birmingham

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It had to happen eventually. I posted a kitten to BiNS by mistake. I got rid, but if you get feeds… well that’s why there was a bonus ginger cat in a box for you.

Meerkat photographs were a hoax?

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Oh dear.

The meerkat photograph hoax review – which UK newspapers admitted online to being duped? – currybetdotnet – 12 September, 2007