After moving down to Oxford I did an update of my Birmingham Emotions conversational psychogeography project. That’s […]
From 18th July until September the large glass edition of the Birmingham Music Map is going to […]
On the first day of April Danny Smith and I delivered a walking tour of the ‘back […]
I’m currently knee deep in postcards, books about the seaside and still have sand in my good […]
Forever? Lasted about three days.
Map of Birmingham: Inebriance Survey 2011 PDF Now that is what I call a map. Every pub […]
Next Friday (26th November) I’m doing a brief set as part of this Stand up Comedy thing. […]
With the Birmingham Popular Music Archive I’ve been inviting the public to contribute to an online database […]
My submission to the Beermat Show. Thanks to EAP and those that told me their favourite drunk […]
Some time ago I spent a a while collecting the wifi network names I saw while on […]