There’s a lovely new site doing the rounds called Glum Councillors it’s dedicated to collecting: “images of […]
One of the quirks of news reporting that amuses me most is when things are “hailed a […]
WWIII Propaganda: Torrent Your MP3s Originally uploaded by Brian Lane Winfield Moore
The Birmingham Mail covered this exchange on Pete Ashton’s blog, which is good — it’s a story. To […]
We had burgers for tea last night. I had veggie, Jules has meat. I always get astounded […]
Richard Herring has decided to live for a week with a Hitler moustache and see how people […]
Continuing this week’s them of rejection (a bloke could get paranoid), I’ve just heard that my (more […]
I’m not a journalist: I did a little bit of journalism training, I have been paid to […]
I don’t think I’ve been into British Home Stores since I was dragged there to get some […]
I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a […]