Susan Boyle Swine Flu Sex and MPs

Birmingham Mail - News - Birmingham News - Susan Boyle: Erdington MP apologises after Twitter swine flu joke

Local MP Sion Simon (finding his way on Twitter) ReTweeted a (vaguely amusing, but not ear-shatteringly funny) witicism:

“I’m not saying Susan Boyle caused swine flu. I’m just saying that nobody had swine flu, she sang on TV, people got swine flu.”

It’s about Now Show standard, topical, smirk-worthy rather than a belly-laugh — what it isn’t is offensive in any way.

Two unrelated comments to make:

  • Firstly how desperate is the SEO’d headline there — pick the two most talked about things online over the last week and then add MP and Twitter — would the story have merited coverage if it didn’t give the opportunity to combine all those?

Friends and sweary flash

Almost ten years ago, I was working at friends of ED — a web design book firm. The imprint is still going, but is owned by an American publisher rather than two brothers who set up shop in Acock’s Green. For a couple of years it rode the “creative” wave of flash design, which in effect gave us staff free reign to surf the web looking for weird shit — the thinking behind it being that the odder stuff was popular, the designers became “stars” of a sort and they’d sell more books. Which mean that a great deal of work time was spent colouring the office air blue with sweary flash toys — Britney’s Naked Cat-o-phone, Buffy’s sweary keyboard and so on (seriously, not at work — unless you work in Shoreditch).

That might have been why the company went under, that and the idea that books needed to be of a certain length (even tho’ they contained almost no useful information, except being filled with the names of people who’d played for Watford in the eighties as some sort of in-joke).

The master (and indeed New Master) of sweary-flash was Limmy, and his best was the xylophone (seriously sweary) — now years later Craig of Friends of the Stars, tells us Limmy now has his own TV show (in Scotland, he probably gets more web hits). It’s online, and it’s worth your time.

All toghether now, “You Are A …”

The quiz that wasn’t

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch

Twestival in Birmingham was so packed with fun that I don’t think anyone got time to do the quiz that I’d prepared. So, I present it here – no entry free but you can still donate to Charity:Water if you like.

It’s here as a PDF: twestival quiz

Why not have a collective ‘go’ in the comments? I’ll post the answers up sometime soon.

Radio Free Horse Shit For The Garden

Young @probablydrunk on teh  @rhubarbradio on TwitPic

If you like the Two Ronnies your first thought when using the word Rhubarb is probably “manure”, but no more. At least until they run out of themes and end up doing a gardening-with-poo based show, Danny Smith et al’s Rhubarb Radio show puts all effluent fertilizer thoughts out of my head. It replaced them this week with robot sex, but that’ll change as long as I keep tuning in at 7pm on Saturdays.

If you spent your evening less productively this week you can still listen again:

Listen to Technical Difficulties on Rhubarb Radio


Have the look of the band of 2009 – as imagined in a British film from the early nineties. They’re various old punk scenesters playing the future Jesus and Mary chain. The set is straight from Jude Law’s forgotten dystopian master-work ‘Shopping’ – desolate monolithic council flats rumble bass and flash neon.

They’ve only got one song. It goes thump thump thump woo oooh. Works though.

Creative Review on London’s new Design Committee

“this new Design Advisory Panel will feed into the Design Advisory Forum and will be managed by Design for London, which now sits within the London Development Agency’s Design, Development and Environment Division. Got that? I would hate to be responsible for all the tea and biscuits for that lot. Most design committees are a recipe for disaster or inactivity, mainly due to not having an over­arching design supremo with an in-depth understanding of all design disciplines. These are rare animals, but when they are allowed to function things really blossom. Last month saw the death of the great American designer Lou Dorfsman who presided over all things designed at CBS television for 40 years. He was a master in under­stand­ing how creativity, care and consistency can make for a powerful design statement.”
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Let’s form a committee…

Birmingham seems to be heading down this dread path too.