I tried to upgrade to the new iPhone, I was up at 8am trying on the O2 store last week — it crashed, it was slow, and when I finally got to order there was absolutely no confirmation. Turns out I got a text yesterday saying that my order was received after stock ran out, and I’d get a new phone “soon”. Still, never mind I thought – the 2.0 software update will be something good.

All over the internet yesterday was talk of the Apps store, and the fact that you could download the 2.0 upgrade if you followed a link and did it manually. I held off until about noon today when the update was officially available to us in the UK — if anything went wrong I wanted to be able to follow the instructions exactly.

Plugging in, I selected “update” left the room, I knew I’d be nervous and it was best not to look.

The update failed with an “unknown error”. Then a restore failed. I know have a phone that says “emergency only” and shows to connect to iTunes.

I connect to iTunes and get a message that says :

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“Could not complete your iTunes store request … error -9838”.

And that’s where I am.

I’ve had iPod or computer troubles before, you kind of get to live with them and look stuff up on the internet, or book an appointment at the “Genius Bar” and wait.

But this is not just my iPod, it’s my phone. And to a large part my business too.

Apple, O2, f-king EPIC FAIL.

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  1. The network is just overrun. Keep trying, you’ll get through soon. Just be patient if it is trying to access the music store. It could take even over a minute to connect.

  2. Patience isn’t really the issue, I think I’ve been very good by not kicking the cat so far 😉

    I can’t connect to the store, it throws an error, waiting doesn’t help.

    Store might be overloaded, but that doesn’t explain why an update they’ve been working on for months should stuff up your phone.

    @fred, gives some comfort to know I’m not the only one tho’. I’ll post any info I find.

  3. It’s the online validation that’s failing I think. As soon as the phone can connect to the store then all should be ok.

    The thing about doing it manually is that you do the update locally and only then connect to the server. Both parts are required so when the server is down, you’re buggered.

    Not much help now but if you had waited to download via iTunes then I think you would only have been able to upgrade when the server was up – so it would have either have worked or not rather than leave you stuck in-between.

    But yes, it still stinks. Surely it should roll itself back at this point?

    Would the SIM work in another phone as an emergency measure perhaps?

  4. Thanks for the sympathy Josh, you with your shiny 3G phone 😉

    I did wait for the iTunes update to come online, which is why I’m so pissed off — I would have blamed myself if I’d tried the update manually.

    It’s a huge fuck-up, if their server can’t cope with the traffic it shouldn’t break the bleeding phones.

  5. Yeah… why would they allow you to update your firmware on your phone and then not be able to use it?????!!!! This is ridiculous

  6. I have the same error, retards.
    Great experience, now I have to leave to go to the airport with a non-activated phone. great!

  7. Indeed. Sorry, I read it that you installed the manual update after things got officially announced.

    If iTunes failed you after downloading the update directly then it’s inexcusable.

    Shit happens, servers go down, but there has to be a fallback. As you say, a phone matters so much more than a music player. If it fails in any way then it really should just revert to it’s previous state.

    Trying not to rub it in about my success – I just got lucky even as far as getting delivery before the servers went down. My gut feeling is that things will only get worse now we’re in the middle of the USA day now. Probably won’t really settle down for 24 hours or more I’m afraid.

    Oh well, good luck with it all.

  8. I’m having the same issue — 9838 and my phone is stuck in emergency mode and is COMPLETELY USELESS. I’m trying to stay calm and have so far been successful, although I did kick the dog once or twice.

  9. I’m in MA, US and my “locked” iPhone bricked when I upgraded to 2.0. No telephone support or discussion forum available at Apple. What a disaster.

  10. A common thread I’ve seen : ‘Disconnect your phone, connect your phone, repeat, till you get in’

  11. Mine has now connected – it’s attempting to restore.

    This is a real PR disaster for Apple – they handled the original release brilliantly, but if they can’t predict demand…

  12. Didn’t disconnect, just clicked away to the library and then back on to the iPhone in the sidebar every time the error came up – it then started to look again.

  13. @Jack – mine seems to be restoring now (taking absolutely ages), but I’ve been trying since the very moment it was possible to update. Fingers crossed and good luck.

  14. I’m trying to access itunes to activate my shiny new iPhone, but absolutely no luck. I keep getting told to refresh my network connection… I think its since the States came online. I know someone who upgraded, activated and is now using the 3G iphone without any problems… Does seem like a massive failure on the part of Apple though.

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