MediaShift Idea Lab . Tapping the Potential of Geotagging | PBS

For Geotagging functionality to be anything more than a cool widget, it must also…

* Let users to define and save multiple areas of interest.
* Support physically defined regions.
* Account for more than just the hyper-local or the global scope.
* Incorporate proven organization schemes like topical categorization.
* Include news that is tagged to multiple locations, irrelevant locations, or no location at all.
* Feature a truly great interface that supports everything on this list.

I’d agree most of this -  especially with idea of multiple places.

Although on the idea of regions,  I’m thinking that using longitude/latitudes with less detail (eg 52, -1 instead of 52.122172, -1.23233 &c.) can do a lot of this without thinking about the geotag equivalent of HTML image mapping – which would be unnecessarily complicated.

The geo information isn’t going to be the only data used in deciding the interest of the user – AMPL or some other attention data will be factored in too. Most news does happen at a specific point, and will affect greater areas due to its importance and relevance, rather than a drawn physical border.

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