Where as I say “gowan then” to people who ask to use my Flickr pics, there’s a certain type of people that seemingly don’t want you to even see theirs. D_morton (who probably doesn’t want the link ; ) ) always puts “You may not use, copy or print my photographic image files without my permission.” in the description of the hundreds of photos he uploads – usually candid shots of people in Brum and Walsall.

While anyone is entitled to do that – and there are licensing settings and other tools to prevent that on Flickr (although the only safe way would be not to put them on the ‘net) – it seems overkill and for some reason it annoys me when I see the photos in one of my RSS photo feeds. Rant over, I wonder if it’s possible to do exclusions by username for Flickr RSS – yahoo pipes perhaps?

EDIT: Yes it is, annnnd relax.

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  1. Amusingly D-Morton has the “Blog This” button enabled which, as far as I’m concerned, gives me permission to add his photos on my blog(s). I might start doing that, just on principle…

  2. Oh, I’ve spent hours of my life (wasted I should say) trying to explain the flickr T&Cs to people, always politely I hope. For some reason it’s usually the people with the worst pics that care the most about perceived infringements. But I’ve given up now, Flickr just needs some kind of giant feed-enabled ignore button for some people.

    While messing with the feed exclusion thing (Yahoo Pipes can’t do a NAND on feeds would you believe) I think I’ve worked out a way to stop getting so much Alabama in my Birmingham feeds, so some good has come of it anyway.

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